100-103 Main Street

100-103 Main Street, ca. 1890


Two-story, brick traditional commercial row building with flat roof and flat parapet. First floor contains     two storefronts. The left storefront has a central entrance with large display windows on either side.     


Small pilasters on the right storefront divide its first-floor façade into four separate parts: metal-frame door with a full-length light, a smaller display window over a wood panel, a wood door with a single light over two panels and a large display window over two wood panels.


A two-story, wood-frame porch/balcony spans the full width of the primary façade. The porch is topped by a hipped-roof covered in standing-seam metal. On the second floor, four segmentally arched openings contain 1/1 windows; one has been converted into a door for balcony entry. Cast-iron pilasters are highly ornamented with decorative rings, pendulums and cross bars.